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Chaufferette Mains - WARM-JACK
Hand warmer

Discover our batteries for heated clothing WarmJack , they can also recharge your mobile phone and compatible device with USB.

Are you hesitating to buy a heated garment because you are not sure of being able to recharge it? No worries, WarmJack™ has created an external battery that can charge any heated garment.

How to recharge the external batteries?

It is easy to charge the external batteries, they can be charged with the USB cable of your computer, mobile phone or tablet.

How do I know if the battery is charged?

An LED on top of the battery lights up when the battery is charging, it goes out when the battery is charged.

How to use the external battery?

Simply turn on the battery by pressing the button on the top of the battery, an LED will light up to let you know the battery is on.

The WarmJack™ external battery can also be used to charge your mobile phone. Simply plug one of the USB cables supplied with the power bank into one of the USB ports on your mobile phone or tablet. Then plug the other end of the USB cable into one of the external battery's USB ports.

How do I know how much charge is left in the external battery?

There is an LED located on the top of the battery, it turns on or off to let you know the charge level of the power bank.

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