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Heated Gloves - Men


Thermoregulation of the hands

Feet and hands suffer from the cold. Indeed, they are among the furthest members in terms of blood flow. They are the first affected by the feeling of cold.

The consequences of less efficient thermogenesis

In addition to a feeling of local cold, this creates a loss of motor skills and overall fatigue of the body.

The contribution of heated gloves

The heated gloves diffuse a soft, stable and soothing heat on the most exposed part for several hours thanks to their rechargeable batteries. 3 levels of settings allow hands to be kept in an atmosphere ranging from 39°C (i.e. slightly above body temperature) for imperceptible and continuous heat to more than 50°C for a rapid rise in temperature and for a strong heating associated with a feeling of sharp and pregnant heat but limited so as not to see a burning sensation.


WARM JACK heated gloves have been designed for nomadic outdoor activities in cold weather where you alternate phases of effort and rest. But also for home use or for people suffering from the cold.

Feet and hands are the first to be affected by the cold during ski outings. That's why WARM JACK offers heated gloves specially designed for skiers and snowboarders.
Also practical for accompanying children on toboggan runs without getting cold while taking photos. Embellished with a heated jacket or down jacket, family outings will no longer be a constraint.

Horse riding
During outings or endorsements in cold weather, the riders' hands are the first to be affected by the cold. WARM JACK weight heated gloves soft specifically designed to provide a perfect balance between comfort, resistance and dexterity.

Comfortable and airy, heated gloves can also be used indoors to provide an extra touch of warmth.
They may also be suitable for people with Raynaud's disease.

It is important for people who suffer from it to protect their extremities well. Heated gloves, like heated socks, can effectively counter seizures by quickly warming the affected extremities.

Hunting and fishing
heated gloves are very useful for hunters and anglers who spend long days in the cold in static positions.

Braving the cold is your daily life. If we offered you to challenge them in comfort? Ideal for DIY and outdoor construction sites in cold weather, heated gloves are also ultra-breathable.


WARM JACK heated gloves are designed to insulate the hand from the ambient cold by creating an effective thermal barrier combining a technical, waterproof, windproof and breathable textile combined with an integrated heating circuit at each of the fingers.


The advantages of the heated glove in a nutshell:
Comfortable, unisex, easy to use, simple washing, quick drying, solid, resistant, breathable, very warm.


Fully charge the batteries 12 hours before the first uses and then 5 or 6 hours thereafter. Be sure to turn off the batteries after use. Wash the heated gloves by hand with warm water and soap or in the washing machine, delicate program at 30°C.
And especially no dryer.

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